In poetry, echo verse is a form of repetition, where a line provides an echo, or an answer, to the one that comes before it.

Contributors to echoverse volume one: day to day responded to a prompt asking them to consider the daily lived experience of climate change. As a title for this project, the word echoverse gives a nod to the call and response nature of prompt-based writing. It is also a gesture of optimism–an insistence that an accumulation of voices need not be an echo chamber or a feedback loop. Rather, by collecting, I suspect we can create positive, productive echoes that, like the universe (or like a Yayoi Kusama infinity box), are ever-expanding.

volume one: day to day

When we read the news, climate crisis is often characterized on the largest of scales. We discuss its impact on the entire globe, a whole continent, all the oceans, an entire species. But, while climate change affects us all, we don’t experience it in uniform ways; its impacts vary by population, region, and individual. We all have our own very personal relationships with environments that have changed, are changing, and will continue to change around us.

echoverse volume one: day to day aims to step away from the broad and informational and instead look at the particulars of lived experience. Volume one: day to day collects writing that makes change that can often seem far off and abstract more immediate, concrete, encountered, and felt.

The writing and artwork in this first volume invites you to think of the environment not just as a sweeping term for the natural system we live in, but also as a place that is entirely tangled up with our memories, daily routines, imagination, and wonder.

To approach the project of writing the lived experience of the environment and climate change, echoverse contributors were each given three different nouns and asked to incorporate some or all into their writing.

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Deep appreciation to Adam Clay, Dr. Chris Cuomo, Nick Splendorr, Hannah V Warren, Félipe Martínez, and Dr. Andrew Zawacki for their guidance and help.

                                                                        & thank you to all the artists and writers for
                                                                        creating beautiful work.

Volume one of echoverse is dedicated to the memory of Kelly Caldwell, a brilliant poet, essayist, editor, scholar, visual artist. Read her poem, In the Course of Our Days.

Christina Wood
    founder and editor

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