volume two: time capsule


Jonathon Atkinson   ○    (b. March 19, 2020)
Madeline Beach Carey   ○    Counting The Days
Sarah Bernstein   ○    Deathstyles
Meagan Cass   ○    The Bog Witch Seeks Her Forever Deodorant
Michelle Donahue   ○    Ursine Gods & Suburbia
Kristen Gleason   ○    The Wallet
Lily Hoang   ○    In the Land of Kung Flu
Jessica Bryant Klagmann   ○    All These Hidden Perils
Kelly Krumrie   ○    Discovery
Catherine Pierce   ○    Letter to the Future
Mary Marbourg   ○    Present & Stones
Jaye Nasir   ○    An Incomplete View of Oaks Bottom, Oregon
Vanessa Onwuemezi   ○    Letter to the Future
Jenny Wu   ○    News from Home


Jessica Baran   ○    Comedy Tempered by Gore and Vice Versa
Ryan Clark   ○    Two Poems
Adam Clay   ○    Three Poems
Nilufar Karimi   ○    Annex: Two Poems
Kristi Maxwell   ○    Extinctions: Three Poems
Caryl Pagel   ○    Ordinary Strata: Three Poems
Travis Sharp   ○    Sing Data: Three Poems
Irina Teveleva   ○    Two Poems

visual art

Ron Austin and Ian O’Neil
Katie Baldwin
Jessica Bremehr
Nathaniel Farrell
Kelly Kristen Jones
Priya Kambli
Woomin Kim
Jennifer Ramsey