Christina Foard

The Biased View
by Christina Foard

Oil on Canvas

CHRISTINA FOARD received a BFA University of Cincinnati AND received her MFA in Studio Art at Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA in Spring 2020. Foard has 25+ years non-profit management experience with an emphasis on arts administration and communications roles including Public Programs Director for The Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens and Director of Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida Medical Center Jacksonville. With the help of several gallery relationships, Foard has shown nationally and internationally since beginning her professional painting career in 2008, and has participated in 10 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions. Foard teaches contemporary painting and non-traditional painting methodologies classes at The University of Georgia and privately, and has been awarded University of Georgia’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant for excellence in academic teaching. Since 2014, Foard has lived in Athens, GA with her husband, a Professor of Ecology at the Odum School of Ecology, and has five children/step-children, all of whom are now in undergrad programs around the country (Syracuse U, Univ of San Francisco, George Washington U, Emory U, and GA Tech).

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