Into the eye of the indicator
into the square of the webcam
whited out as a thin drape
over pre-existing topography

into the gale-smeared center
a blast radius with particle drift
with intervals of a color field
canvas, flared black lines
gridding a titanium meadow
transformer and turbine blade
flickering through the squall.
Wind drone decays into a dull
sobbing draft, that moans and rakes 
harping on barbed wire
futility music for no hearing ear.
Grain action grinds a knife
edge out of a dune, warped
to register a wind regime
gusts bearing grains like a voice
in the throat where the phonic
metal hardens and is segmented.

Where particles accrete
in a transmission event
Eolian transport
translating architectures
recording a rapture
the body in the voice as it sings
the text of the grain where it falls

ZACK ANDERSON is from Cheyenne, Wyoming. His chapbook The Outlaw, The Red Ghost, Half-Lives, a Photogram Exposed by the Dirt is forthcoming from The Magnificent Field. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Georgia.

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