Jennifer Ramsey

A note on process: For the past few years, I have collected remnants that I find in the course of daily life. I catalogue and then arrange them in various configurations to draw and photograph. I am interested in the relationships among these disparate objects as well as each remnant’s relationship to its former whole. Within this separation resides a certain tension, perhaps reflecting the attempt to reconcile the disappearance of the original whole with the manifestation of the part. In assembling the various remnants, new entities and networks are formed.

My hope is that the careful consideration and enumeration of these bits and bobs, these spangles, shards, slivers, and crumbs results in a sense of wonder in and reverence for the overlooked and discarded, magnifying these relatively infinitesimal pieces of the universe so that their meaning expands. In From the Book to the Book, Edmond Jabès notes that “The fragment…is our only access to the infinite. Only in fragments can we read the immeasurable totality.”

JENNIFER RAMSEY received her MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been featured in Six Stories from the End of Representation and, more recently, in an issue of DATABLEED and on Burning House Press. See more of her work at