volume one: day to day


Nathan Dixon    ○    Avant Garde Contra Heart-Hardened and Divine: A Fable
Sara Duff    ○    The Encounter
Amanda Goldblatt    ○    I Take Cars Everywhere
Janice Lee    ○    If one has died already
Ariel Lewis    ○    Smoke
Michael McLelland    ○    Evergreen
Emma Catherine Perry    ○    Vine Street
Miranda Popkey    ○    Pillow Talk
Analeah Loschiavo Rosen    ○    The Daily Goings On
David Schuman    ○    Swimmer
Kea Wilson    ○    Focus


Zachary Anderson    ○    Eolian Transport
Kelly Caldwell    ○    In the Course of Our Days
Paul Cunningham    ○    You Saw Me Standing in the Rain
Cassie Donish    ○    Anticipation of Spring
Ella Longpre    ○    Like Weather
Erinrose Mager    ○    Like Weather
Vi Khi Nao    ○    Ecological Echos
Cate Peebles    ○    Pantry
Emily Pittinos    ○    Ice, Broken Over the Lighthouse Pier, Refreezes as a Bluff
Laura Theobald    ○    Three Poems
Bin Ramke    ○    Like Weather
Hannah V Warren    ○    Pulsing Violets
Emma Ruth Wilson    ○    Top Down
S. Yarberry    ○    The Sea     Night   Lilacs

visual art

Haley Farthing    ○    In Pittsburgh III,   Untitled
Christina Foard    ○    The Biased View
Meghan Grubb    ○    Tidewrack
Alec Kaus    ○    Bruise3:14
Metra Mitchell    ○    Hidden Meanings, Ancient Wisdom
Yoonmi Nam    ○    Noodle
Chen Peng    ○    Coney Island Baby II,  Untitled 8
Irina Rozovsky    ○    Ziploc
Janie Stamm    ○    Beach Notes II , Mosquito Mesh Hat No. 1
Andrew Zawacki    ○    Mº Denfert-Rochereau, Paris, July 2019,  Rue d’Amsterdam, Paris, July 2019
Diana Zeng    ○    From This Outlook I See My Father,  I Shouldn’t Be Here

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